I know I haven't put any more than 15 minutes of riding in the Fy Pro I just got so far but I have to say after seeing what was offered for the same price point at my LBS and comparing it in person to what I got to say I am pretty stoked. Stuff like this:

As for internet or Ebay bikes...sounds like a headache in the making.
Bikes with so called huge discounts "Motobecane" my neighbor bought
one last year...don't be fooled.
It's a simple/basic bike at a reasonable price...nothing special.
has me laughing at what angle they are coming from with advice like that. "My brothers neighbor's Uncle has a babysitter who babysat for this guy who bought a Motobecane and man oh man did they ummm not like it." Buyer remorse is regretting a personal purchase from lack of research/funds/etc. What do you call it when you regret your own purchase and project it outwards onto other people who made out on a deal?

Cool fact - I scan my posts for obvious errors and realized I wrote "riding in" instead of riding on up there. I realized that is actually the feeling. Being at one with a new bike so soon is something else. Maybe from going from such similar geometry made the change so easy but whatever works. I better cool it here though as I may get tagged as a shill and I don't need some negative rep. keeping me up losing sleep at night.