Kinda narrowed it down to these three. Wondering which frame would be the lightest? I like the Hydro form of the Kinesis Design Fantom 29 Pro, but do not like the top routed cable holders. Had all but decided on the 29.5 ... but now not sure. All I can find says the frame of the 29.5 weighs about 6 lbs. That seems very heavy.

Head tube on each would be different for me. So each would have different characteristics. The 29.5 would be the most slack, the Fantom 29 (not Kinesis) would be the more aggressive of the 3. I think I would get a 17.5 in the 29.5, but take a 15 or 15.5 in the two different Fantoms - top tubes are longer on the Fantoms. So the Gravity might be heavier (all things being equal) just due to the larger size. Any thoughts on ride, weight, balance and performance of these three different frames?