I have a Fantom Team DS and had moved my rear shock from the 4" travel to the 5" travel setting. I weigh in at just over 200 lbs with my gear on and at the 5" setting, the Medium rebound and Low Compression dampening settings that came on the shock had very little control of the rear. I got a lot of pogo sticking and general wallowing about. In order to prevent from constantly bottoming out even on mild rides, I had to run my shock at 210psi. The flood gate switch was basically useless.

MTB Suspension Experts retuned my shock to High rebound and compression settings. Just from a quick ride around the block, I think I can drop my pressure to 180psi or lower but I havent taken it on a real ride yet. I am hoping I can really smooth out the rear while maintaining control and a having functioning flood gate.

I'll report back on how it rides either today or tomorrow.