Goodbye RS Monarch 4.2. Hello ?-
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    Goodbye RS Monarch 4.2. Hello ?

    Just lost my rear shock. Apparently the swivel stem was not in a good position after a pressure check. It sheared off mid rided and scare the bejesus outta me. I am kinda bewildered as i ran it pretty stiff about 225-250 psi and weigh about 175lbs.

    My research has informed i need a 6.5 @ 1.5. However, i am a little lost on the mounting hardware. Any help would be appreciated.

    2010 Team Phantom

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    The same thing happened to me today but at the beginning of the ride. I checked the pressure before hand and guess I didn't tuck it back in properly. At first, I thought I lost my recently converted tubeless rear tire, but it was worse than that.
    I assume the swivel stem is not a repairable looks toast on mine. I'm trying to decide between another 4.2 or a new RT3.

    So if 6.5x1.5 is the right size, what tune (Low-Mid-High) is appropriate for the Fantom Team?

    BTW, new 2011 Fantom Teams have a disclaimer that it might be best to mount the shock upside down to prevent fill valve obstruction.

    UPDATE: SRAM said the Monarch 4.2 air valve is known to be flimsy and they told me they would replace the valve even though it's 2.5 years old. The LBS is supposed to send it back for me. I'll post what happens.
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    I am interested to hear the result of your story. I just got a 2010 Fantom Team from BD and the fill valve on the monarch 4.2 blew off while the bike was on my repair stand. I haven't even ridden it yet. I emailed BD. Hope they do the right thing.

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    Mr. Jimmy, my 2009 Fantom Team was 2.5 years old so I just contacted SRAM, not BD. SRAM was awesome!; they sent me a brand new boxed Monarch RT3 with a pump. I just paid my LBS $28 for their time and expedited shipping of my Monarch 4.2 back to SRAM. It still took about 2 weeks total but my LBS had it sitting around and didn't realize, so who knows...SRAM says 5-7 bus. days for them to fix or replace.

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