• 05-25-2011
    Full Suspension 29'er E-mail
    Anyone else see this in their mail today?


    No XL's. But at least the top tube lengths are normal this time around ;-) A large has a 24.2" ETT which I think is about average.

  • 05-25-2011
    Yep, I got it. Mike from BD, there are some typos on the email and landing page you might want to fix for next time. Sure wish there was an XL version...
  • 05-25-2011
    I'm so stoked! I'm gonna order one asap.. :thumbsup:

    But I think Mike forgot to post the X9 variant?
  • 05-25-2011
    Looks a lot better than the original :thumbsup:


    New Hotness:
  • 05-25-2011
    WOW that is a lot of bike for $2,000!
  • 05-25-2011
    Heck yeah, I got the e-mail! As Bob Barker used to say, "the price is right!" I likes the new "Moto-Deuce"!:thumbsup:
  • 05-25-2011
    Moto finally has a bike that doesn't look like it was designed 10 years ago. Hydroformed tubes, looks like a tapered head tube. Pretty sweet.
  • 05-25-2011
    I knew I would rue this day.

    First of all: congrats Mike. These are really SWEET looking 29ers! I'm sure they are worth the wait. Unfortunately, I didn't wait. :madman: Bought a Speshy Camber 29er for $400 more. :madman: The bikes are similarly equipped with the Recon Gold fork and Elixer 3 hydros. But the Moto has a Shimano 10 speed AND the the Monarch RT3 shock! :madmax:
  • 05-25-2011

    Sucks for me. No XL.....I guess I will keep riding the hardtail and dreaming.
  • 05-25-2011
    Wow, I'm impressed with this bike. The final design is A LOT nicer than that old design. Almost regret buying a bike a few weeks ago, because I think I would've jumped all over this. Decided to buy something so I'd have most of the season to ride and in case I didn't like the new design. To anyone that buys this, enjoy the ride!
  • 05-25-2011
    Same here, just bought another 29er bike, couldn't wait until August to start biking (sold all my bikes to get money....) I'll just see how people like them, and enjoy my very first 29er this season (Gravity 29.4)

    Will upgrade next year I guess. I must say the new frames look gorgeous! Great work!!

    To all who have waited, congrats!
  • 05-25-2011
    Has anyone pre-ordered already?
  • 05-25-2011
    I preordered thru PayPal.

    Description Unit price Qty Amount
    MOT Fantom29FS X030-spd
    Item #: F29fsXO30 47c
    Sizes in Polished AL: Medium/47cm/MatteBlack $1,999.95 USD 1 $1,999.95 USD

    Total: $1,999.95 USD :thumbsup:

    Where's the fast forward button to July 23, 2011? :)
  • 05-25-2011
    NICE Design!
    Great to see the final design being a huge improvement over the prototype!

    This is on my list when I can splurge for one!
  • 05-26-2011
    Pure sexiness. :thumbsup:
  • 05-26-2011
    Frame looks fantastic for the price point. So is the tapered/maxle reba.

    Looks like mike stepped up and got wtb saddles. Probably the best option in terms of making the most people happy. But still has the useless 24" bars.

    Those rims pictured the ones that will ship ? The specs say disc only but those are clearly rim brake rims.
  • 05-26-2011
    I think the prototype picture has Vuelta XRP Mountain Pro SuperLite Disc rims and the production model has Vuelta XRP Mountain Pro Disc rims.