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    Fly Ti purchase recommendations?

    I'm about to pull the trigger, down to two bikes. Interested in the 2008 Scott Scale 30, which is a full carbon 23 lb bike. I think I can get this one around $1800. The other is the Fly Ti at $2100 and 3 lbs less.

    I have a 31" inseam, 6 foot tall. My previous bike was an 18" and felt a bit short on the top tube side, as well I ran 8" of seatpost, at least. My usage is not heavy mountain, rather lots of gravel roads in my area, hardpack, light trail riding. It's recreational, and I don't need to come off the bike when it never goes down.

    Would a 20" be fine for my needs?

    I know this is way overkill for my needs, but I'm smitten with the toy ;-)



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    If you go for the Fly you should definnitely go for the 20". The Fly Ti has a shorter top tube than most other bikes so you would be better off with the larger frame. They are both nice bikes. I would not recommend a carbon bike for heavy mountian use due to the possibility of frame damage, carbon fiber can get very weak from abrasion from chain suck and accidents where the frame scrapes against rocks. . But since you aren't doing any heavy mountain biking it would be just fine.
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    Scott makes some nice carbon fiber. My friend has a Scott Scale 20. It's a sweet ride. I say pick the one that fits you better. I'm personally not big on carbon for mountain use or Motobecane but it all depends on fit. ljsmith is right. Motobecane top tubes tend to be a little on the short side.

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    I don't know about Scott's carbon mountain bikes, but I have a riding partner that has broken two of their carbon road frames...neither from crashing.

    SHE is in exceptional shape and is by no means hard on her equipment.

    Seeing that would keep me from ever buying a Scott carbon bike.

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    If your preference still runs for a smaller frame, you can extend the reach by changing out the stem.

    Jenson currently has the Easton EA90 going for $20, including 120mm and 130mm x 31.8 sizes.

    As for carbon mountain frames, a lot of dedicated roadies won't even touch all-carbon frames because of their iffy durability - and they're concerned about damage from specks pinging up from the road as kicked up by 700cc tires.

    Bikesdirect has currently ruled out carbon frames for off-road.

    So do the arithmetic to see how it comes out for you.

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