• 07-21-2009
    Fly Ti 29er Seatpost Clamp Torque Spec
    My old bike was a 1995 Proflex 555 and it did not have a single torque spec. The new Ti 29er has it on everything, well almost everything.

    The seatpost clamp does not have a spec. Any suggestions on what it should be?

    By the way, the Ti 29er is great! I feel like I'm becoming a better rider every time out.

  • 07-28-2009
    dude - taint rocket science

    use some ti-antiseize very lightly on the post tube very light
    lube the clamp bolt thread and under the bolt cap
    then tighten the post in a gradually testing the saddle by gently twisting
    stop when the post resists a medium twisting effort on the saddle
    don't honk on the bolt or saddle
    then test ride- if the saddle/post moves, tighten a little bit more

    most mfgs say max of 9 newton meters
    if you can afford a $$$$ torque wrench that takes allen bits...