• 09-24-2009
    First good ride on my new Fantom Pro DS!
    I just got back from my first really good ride on the new Fantom Pro DS since I upgraded everything. It is an absolutely amazing ride. I took one of my buddies out on his first mtb ride ever and he rode my steel hardtail. We rode in a light rain for 3-3.5 hours and the trails were so well built and packed from use that we really didn't even get muddy. He was stoked about the ride and bought me dinner for taking him out. He wants to know when we can do it again. I am fairly happy with that. I love introducing new people to the sport.

    Here she is:
  • 09-25-2009
    Looks like you had a fun ride :thumbsup:
  • 10-06-2009
    sweet! I've got about 100 miles on mine, it can take more abuse than I can :-)

    The rear shock (well, it's interface with the frame) is poorly designed IMHO. I broke the valve off with the rocker arm twice, I'm partly to blame on the second break, I should've restrained it with a rubber band, but that's not exactly ideal engineering. I'm Replacing it with a Fox RP23 and the bike will be basically bulletproof. Those Handlebars are heavy, I saved12oz upgrading to Carbon. I love the crankset, XTR and fork! The wheels seem pretty bomber too since I've not even had to true it. I'd say the miles I have put on it are pretty hard, lots of rocky steep terrain. I don't do too many huge drops, but do navigate some fairly large and steep rockgardens and lots of rooty stuff too.

    Just keep your rear shock valve out of the way of the rocker arm and you should be golden :-) If you have a shock pump with a nimble enough tube/valve, you could spin the valve around so it points to the rear of the bike which probably would protect it from breakage.

    I love knowing even with the mods I've made I'm still getting a high quality bike for 1/2 price :-)
  • 10-07-2009

    Originally Posted by Jbaysurfer
    I love knowing even with the mods I've made I'm still getting a high quality bike for 1/2 price :-)

    I was going to buy the Fantom Team when they came available again until I was browsing the net and found this one on ebay. I bought this one off eBay for $1100 shipped with no cable rub or anything...it was basically brand new. I now have $1770 into the bike after I upgraded the bars, stem, cranks, pedals, seat post, saddle, tires, grips, added a bottle cage and a computer. After changing out all of the parts and even adding pedals the bike feels just a tad lighter than when it came to me stock. This was especially surprising since the seat post alone was 1.2 pounds and the XTR pedals aren't lightweight pedals by any stretch.

    bars - Ritchey WCS in gloss white to reduce weight and match better

    stem - Thomson X4 90mm x10 degree rise to make the bike a bit quicker handling

    cranks - Race Face Deus with X-type bb to reduce weight, increase stiffness, improve shifts

    pedals - XTR M970 to keep weight down as compared to XT and keep with the XTR stuff

    seat post - Crank Brothers Joplin adjustable with remote lever to make the bike more usable without interrupting riding for steep ascents or descents and without having to remove your hands from the bars

    saddle - Selle Italia Max Flite Gel Flow to loose weight, increase comfort and match better

    tires - Panaracer Fire XC Pro in 166 tpi with red side walls just cause I like them the best

    grips - Lizard Skins Peaty lock on with red clamps for better feel, grip, and control

    added a bottle cage and a computer.
  • 03-24-2011
    This bike is for sell now. If you'd like it here is my add:
  • 03-25-2011
    You can turn the shock upside down and the valve will be on the bottom, some of the bikes are shipped like that, check out the 20 and 30 speed Fantoms on the BD side..