Fiji Rider (not Fuji!!)

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  • 01-10-2011
    Fiji Rider (not Fuji!!)
    Bula from Fiji!
    This is my first post. I'm looking for some advice on a bike to buy. My dad is coming over for a visit at the end of the month and will bring it for me. I have been riding a heavy single pivot DS bike for about 5 yrs now and I've had enough. I mostly ride XC on gravel roads, etc but also like to ride a few KM's on the pot holes highway here. I think I would like to go with a HT. I have never tried a a 29R but have been reading a lot online and am very interested in the Windsor Cliff 29R PRO.
    Basically I am considering the following bikes:
    Fantom DS Trail
    Fantom HT Comp
    Fantom Comp 29er
    Windsor Cliff 29R PRO
    I know that is quite a list of consideration but I dont have a LBS for trial and error.
    US dollar is basically worth double the Fijian currency so cost is definitely a consideration here.
    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
    Vinaka Vakalevu
  • 01-11-2011
    BigSteve in CO
    The Cliff 29Pro is a much better deal, I think. Better fork, good components (slx/xt), better brakes (Elixir 5).

    I would get a 29er if you want a HT.
  • 01-12-2011
    Unless your rolling over some debris on the trails, a Fantom Comp would be best. 29ers are growing quickly in popularity but riding on a road or xc rides with a 29er may be a bit more difficult. My HT is a Fantom Trail and I love it. The Fantom Trail DS is a great bike especially the components, but I would recommend the Fantom Comp or Trail HT plus they are extremely light. Good Luck! I promise you that you can't go wrong with a Motobecane.