• 03-08-2009
    Fantom Team DS owners Monarch & cass. query
    I am 6', 1" and 235. I will be strictly riding XC recreationally in NE/Central Florida with the not so often trip out of state to elevations.
    I have read the reviews on the RS Monarch rear shock that comes on the Fantom Team but wanted to ask if you can get the shock to lock out when needed? I know if you put enough air into it it will but I don't want to damage the thing in trying to get it to lock out when needed.
    Also, did you keep the rear cassette/derailleur setup or opt for something a bit more traditional? Either way, did this affect your riding on your type of terrain compared to other bikes/setup you've ridden?
    The Cannondale, Trek and Santa Cruz bikes I rode today didn't impress me enough to spend the $3K + on some of them so I'm back to checking out the Team DS. I wish there were more reviews of this year's Team DS though. Post up a review in that section if you care to.
    Much gracias!:thumbsup: