I am torn between buying the Elite for $1500 vs the Pro for 1600 from bikesdirect. Obviously the XTR derailleurs and shifters and the Rocshox Reba Race fork on the Pro are nicer (the Elite has XT front der., XTR rear der., and Recon fork). I like the 3X10 gear range of the Elite over the 3X9 of the Pro. Also, it seems the Monarch RT3 rear shock on the Elite is better than the Monarch 3.3 on the Pro. Plus the Elite has Avid Elixir brakes over the Pro's Juicy 7's. But I have never seen any of these bikes so any advice will be really appreciated.

Finally, if anyone is from the San Jose, CA area, I will appreciate pointers to the best trails...I will be in that area only for summer, then back to Kenya to tackle the worst kind of thorns on the planet...whistling thorns. Still...nothing like riding by wild elephants and giraffe!