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    New question here. Fantom FS PRO DS weight + ?

    I'm looking at getting a FS XC bike and thankfully found the BD Motobecanes this year, was looking at the Ibex stuff. Besides components I'm also looking at overall weight. I'd love something along the lines of the Team at 24.5 lbs but sadly the wife said "not that much", so I'm looking at the next level down. PRO DS web page states 30-32 lbs, same as for the lower spec Elite DS. Searching the threads I saw a post that said the Elite DS weighed 29.9 w/o the POS pedals. Is the PRO DS the same or less than this? If anyone has any feedback they can provide it would be greatly appreciated.

    What's the deal with the Z9000 chain? Saw a post about replacing it with a better one as a recommendation.

    Can the BD bikes be ordered with different cassette/cage type or are you stuck with what is stated on the site (e.g 12/27-medium cage instead of a 11/32-long cage)?

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    30-32 lbs is pretty normal for a 5" travel FS bike. Sure, there are 25lbs 5" travel bikes...but they cost $4k or more. The component difference between the Elite and Pro DS is similar enough (and the frames are the same) that I doubt there is more than a pound difference between the two.

    The KMC Z9000 is a super low end chain that seems to be standard on all internet bikes (Ibex uses them too). I have used one before and it is a mediocre shifting chain and while I did not break it...I saw enough comments of broken chains to not use mine for long. It got put on my bike that I sold instead. I personally like the Shimano CN 7701 XTR chain with a SRAM Power Link for ease of removal. To me the Shimano chains shift better (even with my otherwise all SRAM drivetrain) than the SRAM chains.

    BD will not swap out parts because the bikes are not touched by them at all. The bikes are shipped to you from their warehouses in the box that they came over in from Asia. Figure changing parts to be the norm unless you are completely satisfied with what comes stock.
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    Just to let you know, there is no way that the Fantom Team DS is 24.5 lbs. The frame probably weighs close to 8 pounds, and the U-turn version of the Reba is listed at 4lbs by Rockshox. It is probably more like 26. And that is with the worthless 345g tires and super light tubes. Once you put "real" mountain bike tires and tubes on it would probably be more like 27lbs. But for a full suspension bike worthy of all mountian use that is still pretty good. The Team may have been 24.5 lbs at one time back when it had v-brakes and a SID, but the current spec for the 2009 is just not going to be able to reach that.

    Just looking at the specs of the Pro and the Elite, they use pretty much the same components, same wheels and same frames. The only significant difference is the fork. And the recon and the revelation weigh about the same. So they are both fairly close in weight, with the Pro most likely being the slightest bit lighter.

    I have also heard bad things about the chain. But I have one and it has several hundered miles on it so far with no problems.
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