• 12-13-2012
    Fantom 29PRO SL VS Motobecane Fantom29 PRO
    is there any considerable advantage by spending the additional 200$ on the Fantom 29PRO SL over the Fantom29 PRO???
  • 12-13-2012
    At a quick glance my answer is maybe. You are comparing a 2 x 10 and a 3 x 10 drive train and a bike with an upgraded fork that sports a 15mm thru axle that makes the price difference. If BD is to be believed, the frame is the same and all other components are pretty much equal if not exactly the same...again, quick glance...

    The bigger question is will the front fork axle be the deal maker/breaker or will it be the 2 x 10 or 3 x 10 drive train...you kinda have to ride each drive train differently and it is really up to you. Personally I could do well with either bike and would lean to the 15 mm Maxle Lite equipped fork. I started riding trails on a 2 x 10 and knew no different. The 3 rings up front is a relatively new advancement for me since I started riding again and cannot say I really notice much difference there.