First - Overall I am super happy with this bike and I ride it on trails a ton.

After having lots of issues getting the FD working perfectly I took it in to my LBS to get another opinion. They said the FD on this bike may either be wrong or was spec'd wrong. The currently it has a FD-M510 which supports a chainstay angle of 63"-66". There are two similar FD's in the Deore line specific for chainstay angle. The other one is the FD-M511 which has a angle of 66"-69". He measured the angle on the Fantom at 68". Looking at the derailleur cage next to the big cog you can just tell that the angle is wrong, and its really hard to mount the FD low enough to work well without it banging against the cog.

I emailed BikesDirect support where I bought it and they say this is the first they have heard of an issue like this and I should be able to get it tuned.

Here is a link to shimano showing the diff between models:

What does anyone make of this? Are my LBS guy and I both crazy or what!