Fantom 29 Riders - Reviews-
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    Fantom 29 Riders - Reviews

    Hello all.

    I've been riding a Fantom Team DS since 2008 and have ridden many enjoyable miles on it. Lately I've been thinking that it's time to ride something new and with 29" wheels. I'd like opinions from Fantom 29 riders, especially anyone that may have started on the 26" version like me.

    I went to Dirt Fest here in Pennsylvania a few weeks ago and got to ride several new, top of the line 29" bikes. Scott Scale, Specialized Epic World Cup, Ibis Ripley (loved it!), Cannondale Scalpel. I immediately noticed the improvement in rear suspension technology and the solid pedaling platform that all provided even without locking out the shock. I want one! But I would like to again get the great value that I got back in '08 when I bought my Fantom.

    So my question for current Fantom riders - the suspension design of the Fantom 29 appears similar to the 26" bike, but does it perform better? Good solid pedaling platform? My 26" always has had quite a bit of squish in the rear that I didn't care for but just dealt with it, and I'm hoping to hear that the 29" provides significant improvement.

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    Actually got to ride one for about 4 miles a couple of weeks ago. My bike is the Fly Ti and I have loved it for about the past couple of years now.
    I enjoyed the Fantom quite a bit. I'm with you about FS feeling to squishy and it certainly did not.
    Like you, I also like to have the extra 2 grand to spend on something else.

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    It's good to hear that from a hardtail rider, olineman. Thanks.

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    I will say that if you set your rear shock up with the proper sag, there is definite pedal bob. Not bad where you really notice, but when I do have to ride on roads up hills, and look down, you see it. I love my bike, but the newer suspension designs help with this. Moto needs to catch up!!! On the trails, I don't notice it, unless I'm standing up a pounding the pedals.
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