Fantom 29 Pro Ti assembly-
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    Fantom 29 Pro Ti assembly

    So, I finally got my Fantom 29 Pro Ti.

    SRAM X9, 3x10 Speed 29er Titanium Front Suspension Mountain Bikes - MTB - 2015 Motobecane Fantom Titanium 29er | SRAM X9 hardtail mountain bikes | Save up to 60% off list prices on new bicycles

    I got the RD and rear wheel on and even calibrated the RD. Really proud of myself !
    However now I am stumped by the SRAM Guide R breaks. Front and back.

    Front - the break callipers were so tight that I could not get the rotor in between them. I searched online and found you need to remove the pad and manually press in the pistons underneath. Used a flat screw driver to do this. Replaced the pads. Now the rotor fits, but pressing the break lever doesn't stop the front wheel.

    Back - the rotor fit in the callipers just fine, but there is noticeable drag on the wheel when it spins. I tried removing the callipers and gently readjusting its position, but no luck, lots of drag still.

    I'd appreciate your help!

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    They are hydraulic brakes. Might need a bleed. If it was sitting on it's side or upside down, it might have some air in the lines too. Let it sit upright for a couple days (4 days since your original post should be more than enough) and see if the bubles worked themselves out. Should help by just pumping the brakes.

    If the rear caliper rubs, it should be an alignment issue. loosen them up, clamp down on the brake, and tighten them down almost all the way. let go of the brake and grab more brake. The caliper should be aligned OK, and you shouldn't see any flex in the rotor. Give the wheel a spin to verify. Slowly tighten down the caliper bolts and make sure the caliper doesn't shift when you do this. Sometimes avid brakes don't want to clamp down without moving some.

    And remember to adjust your derailure's low speed limiting screw. BD's bikes will normally come with the high speed screw adjusted, but the low speed screw isn't touched. Too easy to send the chain over the large gear and grind up some spokes.

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