Fantom 29 Pro SL

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  • 08-18-2012
    Fantom 29 Pro SL
    Was originally looking at the Fantom 29 Pro as my first 29er MTB. I have looked at Trek Mamba, Cobia, Santa Cruz Highball, Spec Carve Comp and it seems like even without knowing alot, I get more for my $$ with Moto. I do understand and believe in supporting LBS and plan to have my bike put together and/or tuned there along with buying accessories.

    My question is, should I just spend the extra $$ and start with the SL 2x10 setup? I think it also has a few upgraded components over the Pro 29er, and I like the silver and orange colors equally between the two.

    If I am the "buy once, cry once" type of guy, would it be wise to just get the SL?

    The fact that they are out of stock until October just gives me longer to save up.

  • 08-19-2012
    Don't know what your budget calls for but I'd put up the extra $200 up front for the upgraded brakes and full XTR component set on the SL.

    I've done the save money up front then upgrade later route but have found that at BD prices it doesn't really save all that much.

    With that said I'd say get the SL.
  • 08-20-2012
    I own the Pro and love it. I'm coming off a bike that had LX and Hayes Stroker Ride brakes so XT/XTR and Elixir 5's were already a huge step up for me and decided the Pro was perfect, while already stretching my budget. But if you've got the extra $200, I say go for the SL. Elixir 7 Brakes and the added XTR shifters/F Derailleur are more than worth it. One thing to keep in mind is the crankset...2x10 on the SL instead of the 3x10 on the Pro. Also the Pro has the more common 4 bolt chainrings (3 bolt on the SL).

    Using Jenson as an example:
    Elixir 5: $ 284 Elixir 7: $376 Difference: $92
    XT F Der: $54 XTR F Der: $109 Difference: $55
    XT Shifters: $160 XTR Shifters: $269 Difference: $ 160

    Total: $307
  • 08-20-2012
    Many thanks for the thoughts to consider and helpful information. I think I will go ahead and get the SL. Waiting will be hard until October!

    I will post pics once received : )
  • 08-22-2012
    I bought the Pro mainly because of the color (preferred silver) but also decided the 3x10 would work better for me. Still wonder whether I should have bought an SL for the better shifters but could probably buy new XTR's, sell my XT's and still be ahead. Other than second guessing Pro vs SL, couldn't be happier. Either bike seems great value and Bikes Direct service was great. I had a problem with the rear shifter and Mike sent a replacement by return post.