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    New question here. Fantom 29 Elite v 9 Iron Elite poll and question

    Hello MTBR! I am new to this forum, so if my thread is out of place, please kindly direct me to where I need to go.

    I used to ride when I was in the military a while back. I had a Specialized Rockhopper Comp and loved it. Unfortunately, it was stolen while I was in Iraq.

    I am now ready to get back into the sport, and I have narrowed my choices down to these two bikes. I plan on riding mostly cross-country and singletrack, but my girlfriends house has some sweet trails conducive to jumping. I also plan on doing some road riding, but I don't want that to be too much of a factor in my decision (or else I would definitely go with the 9 Iron).

    I guess my question(s) is obvious by the thread title: Which bike would you prefer, and which bike do you think I should get that would be best for the riding I plan on doing?

    I am 6 foot tall with a 33 inch inseam and would probably classify myself as a beginner even though I have some riding experience (see eight years ago).

    I appreciate any advice anyone could give.

    As a secondary follow up, Bikes Direct or Bike Island?


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    I have the 2012 Fantom 29 Elite, got it about 3 months ago. Components are very similar, the main difference I see is the sliding dropouts and the ability for the 9 Iron to be easily converted to SS without needing a chain tensioner. It's a cool concept, but you would still need to get SS cogs, spacers, new bolts in the front chainring; it's really not something you would do on a whim in a few minutes. Plus, why drop a grand on all those XT/SLX shifters/derailleurs if your just going to take them off and go SS? And it adds a possible point of failure on the frame itself (and the extra couple inches it goes out past the rear triangle seems like it would put a lot of stress on those welds, especially on a hardtail where it will be taking the full brunt of your weight...)

    I love my Fantom29 Elite, definitely my pick of the two.

    On the other hand, the chrome look is pretty cool.

    6'1" and rocking a 19" frame.

    EDIT: Also, plan on upgrading the rear skewer, the no-name ones it comes with don't grip well enough for serious braking at speed with a 180mm hydro disk brake, unless you live in Florida or someplace super flat.. Recommend these: Universal Cycles -- Shimano 770 XT Skewers

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    Thanks, Nouia; that is fantastic information to have! As a beginner that has minimal mechanical capability on these newer bikes, I don't see myself converting the bike to an SS (and I should be able to lock the fork anyway, right?). The '13 Elite looks fantastic, and I am really excited about that bike should it be my choice. I am also salivating at the '12 Fantom X9, but they are currently out of stock on the 19 inchers. The '13 Gravity 29.5 looks pretty sweet as well, but I think I am going to stick with Motobecane. Thanks again!

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