Did it!- 29Pro

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  • 08-16-2010
    Did it!- 29Pro
    Hi y'all,

    Well, after much agonizing I ordered a Fantom 29Pro in silver last night and it should be here Friday. Last year I decided I wanted to upgrade my 17 year old Cro Moly Ridgeback 604LT (anyone here know where it's from - no cheating on google!). On internet searching, I found Bikesdirect.com pretty quickly and also learned quite quickly that other brands were pretty good at controlling their supply, hence not a big market of internet bikes at discounted prices.

    I liked the look of a 700HT or a lower end Fantom to get a front shock and disc brakes, but really liked the look of a Fly Pro, however, at $1200 couldn't justify it. Then I read a bit more and had the 29er epiphany - for the type of riding I do, ie trails, not technical, or any of that nutty air stuff a 29er would be perfect.

    I have a chance to get a lot of riding in next month in Acadia National Park - wide carriage trails but some nice rides all the same so now I'm hoping the bike arrives all good and proper, goes together well and is a dream to ride.

    I'm 5-9 with about 30 inch inch leg so I debated between 15inch and 17 inch. I rode a 17" Hardrock 29er at LBS and it seemed fine so I put all the numbers into Excel and compared them so I think the Fantom 29er at 17 will be ok.

    I thought hard about the SL version but figure the 29 - 29pro differences are more substantial than the pro to Pro SL (well that's my justification!).

    I emailed BD about the crappy picture for Slate Grey and asked about the brakes - they said Avid Elixirs, but others have recently posted that they're getting the Juicy variant.
    The Shock is ostensibly the same - just a new label. This is an air shock, right? Is a shock pump included with the bike or do I need to get one soon.

    Also, OT, Does anyone have an opinion about Mt Borah MTB shorts. I was a bit surprised perusing the local store racks that seemed to be entirely Pearl Izumi, that $70+ was the price for a pair of lined shorts.

    And finally, about - oh 15+ years ago I had a deep desire to get a road bike, since aformentioned Ridgeback spent much time on pavement. Now I'm really hoping, if this 29Pro works out to have the opportunity to add a carbon framed roadie to the collection - with an Immortal label on it.

  • 08-17-2010
    I'm 5'10" with 30" inseam, my 17 fits perfecty. Although I did change stem, bars, and seatpost a little.

    You will need a shock pump.

    Congrats, and welcome to the club!
  • 08-17-2010
    I'm looking at the 29Pro as well. Let us know which brakes it comes with. Thanks and good luck with yours!