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    Bikes Direct Specs vs Motobecane

    Anyone know why BIkes Direct Specs don't match the Motobecane site specs? Spefically I am comparing the Bikes Direct 2013 2x10 Fantom 29 Pro SL (orange color)
    to the Motobecane site 2013 FANTOM 29PRO SL XC Race XTR (silver)

    which ostensibly is the same frame but the specs are very different.

    Bikes Direct Specs

    STANDOVER 15.5": 31" 17.5" 32.4" 19: 33.8
    EFFECTIVE TOP TUBE 15.5": 23" 17.5" 24.3" 19: 25


    STANDOVER 15" 28.9" (736mm) 17" 30.9 (785mm) 19" 31.7" (807mm)
    EFFECTIVE TOP TUBE 15" 22.9" 17" 23.6 19" 24"

    Note motobecane says the frames come in 13/15/17/19/21/23 ( 6 sizes) and Bikes direct sells 13/15.5/17.5/19/21 - five sizes and they don't match.

    Its as if they are two totally different frames - how else can these dimensions which I believe are fixed by the frame change so much?

    I suspect Motobecane makes the frames special for Bikes Direct and that may be the cause.

    It makes figuring out which size to get very hard. I am just shy of 5'10" and have a 33.75" inseam.
    According to my detailed fit report from competitive bike site I should get a 32.1-32.8" bike for standover and a bike with effective tube length of 22.8-23.2" - Using this the Bike Direct 17.5 inch would fit for standover but the Bike Direct 15.5 would fit for effective tube length.

    From Motobecane site I should get the 19" bike for standover and skip over 17 and go down to the 15" bike for effective tube length. Either the fit program is off or the manufacturers use a different design scheme.

    Any thoughts on this?

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    You are looking at specs for 2 different frames. list the older model and list the newer one.

    New Frame:
    Bikes Direct Specs vs Motobecane-fantom_29pro_sl_xii_org_600.jpg

    Old Frame:
    Bikes Direct Specs vs Motobecane-f29sl550x300.jpg

    Bikes Direct = Motobecane

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