• 10-15-2008
    Bikedirect.com competition?
    I ran across a forum concerning bikesdirect.com/motobecane. One of the post mentioned an alternative site to bikedirect.com which also offer good value bikes.

    Problem is that i did not bookmark the site nor could i find the thread with that post. :madman: Anybody know of a site that is similar to bikesdirect? :confused:
  • 10-15-2008
    IbexBikes? They are a bit different in their focus.
  • 10-16-2008
    Fezzari is another one
  • 10-18-2008
    Ironhorse is another. http://www.ironhorsebikes.com/
    When you peruse through the site and happen to want to purchase a particular bike. The buy button redirects you to the Randall Scott on-line purchase site.