• 07-18-2009
    Which Bike to Upgrade too?
    Hi all,

    Well I've been XC trail riding for about a year now and I've been riding on a Haro Flightline 1. I thought it may be time to get a new bike that may benefit me more in the long run...

    I have about $1000 to spend on a bike and have been looking at the FLY XC/Fantom Comp/Fantom Elite :confused: . Just wondering what you guys would recommend as the best bang for my buck for XC riding.

    Thank you!
  • 07-19-2009
    If you are interested in BD/ Moto, I would recommend the xc (or the pro if you want juicy 7's). I have the Fly Ti and absolutely love it. If speed is what you are seeking, I have felt nothing better that suites me better than the Fly line up. The fanotom series are solid as well. Ultimately I would say if speed is more important: Fly, if all around ridability/ functionality is more what you desire, the Fantom will be a better bet. :thumbsup:
  • 07-20-2009
    Thanks for the reply - I am looking for something that may feel faster so...I'm thinking I'll go with the Fly XC..maybe pro if I can. Probably order it tonight!
  • 07-20-2009
    Just let you know
    I purchased my Fly XC about two month ago. Luckily I have LBS that sell Moto's.
    I've had two issues with the bike so far - XT Shadow was not compatible with Ultegra cassette - had to be double-clicked to shift. It was fixed by changing to SLX сassетте. The other XC in the store had the same issue.
    After cassette was changed the grinding-crunchy noise started to come out from the hub. The store owner changed to the new wheel. We'll see how it is going to be...

    This is the great bike, do not get me wrong - but it is a good thing to have LBS that fixes it under warranty. May be these are just because of unlucky sample I got.

    Anybody had 2009 XC with the same issues?
  • 07-21-2009
    I have the 9357, should have spent a few hundred more for the Ti but needed the bike before the Ti was available. Component-wise this bike delivered what I wanted. I've had no problems with shifting, though I think the shift cables are a weak link, reducing the crispness of the XT triggers. I bought replacement months ago but haven't gotten to the change. The tires and cassette get swapped around frequently, but the OEM stuff is perfect for a lot of what I ride and very fast as well.

    The steering is a little quick on slow ascents, but the parts combination was clear and not faulty in any way. Sometimes my weekend rides involve up to 50% asphalt moving from one mountain to another, and the light wheel/tire combination really shine compared to someone rolling 2.35s.