• 03-26-2012
    around town bike/park dirth path for 5ft girl, Which bike?
    It has to have a sloped top bar because of height:

    moto hybrid bikes

    I was looking at the elite bike 14 inch link, but am just asking for trouble in terms of breaking low end components = cost me time? Don't care too much about weight, but I don't mind spending some more if it buys reliability, maybe up to the $400 level.

  • 03-29-2012
    If the riding style is just going to be "around town," I doubt there will be serious wear and tear on the frame or the components. Any of the hybrid bikes on the website should be fine as long as they fit the intended rider.

    Weight is probably not an issue if the roads "around town" are flat. However, if you live in hilly terrain, say like San Francisco, then weight does make a difference. In comparison to the body mass of a smaller rider, most bikes will be "heavy," therefore the lightest bike possible in the intended price range -- that fits the rider -- would be my choice.
  • 03-29-2012
    Thanks. That was very helpful

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  • 04-12-2012
    Did you order a bike yet? If not, I have a few suggestions for you! :)