Apparently I pressed go on a 2018 Boris FS NX1....-
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    Apparently I pressed go on a 2018 Boris FS NX1....

    A little background. Not new to MB's and actually built my last two Konas from the frame up. Then corporate America graced me with 100+ airplanes a year for the last 10 years as well as now having two kids. So, it has been a good 5+ years since I have ridden. Went to a party with a few of the guys I used to ride with last weekend and they have all gotten themselves fat bikes to go along with their arsenals of Scott full carbon whatevers that seem to be the rage around here. Just pedaling around the guys yard I was hooked.......and I now realize my PC needs a breathalyzer.

    Fast forward to Sunday about 10am. Hungover and checking my email I was caught wondering WTF this receipt from PayPal was for? Ah, looks like I ordered a new bike!

    Here is my question, things have changed a TON since I built my last bike 6 or more years ago. I am also not very familiar with Motobecane as a brand. I hate doing research after buying something but what do I need to be aware of? Any major issues with the components that I apparently bought? I have always been a SRAM guy but not familiar with the NX line and it looks like it is a 1x11 which is also new (last bike was x7 3x9). Bluto fork, any good? Any issues with the brand I need to be aware of?

    I am trying to find out what I can but their are not a lot of reviews online about that specific bike so just wondering if anyone has any experience with the frame/fork/or other components? It looks like it will be here Thursday.

    Already know I am doing new bars, stem, lock-ons, and if I can get BD to reply to a question, drop post. Says the tube is 30.4mm not 30.9mm which seems odd and I need to verify that is not a typo.

    Any feedback is appreciated, pictures to come.
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    Damn already shipped!

    Lots of people may say that the blutto is crap but it's not. It's just a standard rock shock recon or whatever their trail grade fork is but set for fat tires. I can't tell you anything about the model specifically but but lots of people who are not hung up on the notion that you have to buy a LBS pushed brand for a lot more money for the bike are very happy with various models they put out. Their aluminum frames are kynesis and made in the same place as many of the more "acceptable" brands are. I have a titanium hardtail by them with a 2x11 sram drive-train that I am very happy with for the past 6 months.

    Congratulations on your morning after experience. I hope you like the new bike.

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    Do you still have this bike and what do you think of it? I'm still liking mine a lot. Have it set up for summer with 29er wheels at the moment...

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