Anybody have a 2011 500DS?-
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    Anybody have a 2011 500DS?

    Im thinking about buying one for my wife since shes decided she want to trail with me and her hardtail Revel just isnt going to cut it. Any impressions? Pros? Cons? Thanx
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    I do not own one, but I am familiar with the frame from others who had one. I would recommend that you not purchase this bike. The rear suspension is not usable unless you purchase an expensive platform air shock. This is because the single pivot design on these frames will bob all over the place without platform. What Motobecane does to solve this problem is they put a very strong spring on it so that the rear suspension is basically locked out at all times. So basically what you are buying is a really heavy hardtail.
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    I have an Ibex first gen Ignition with a very similar frame. My ibex is 4' travel rather than the 3 the DS gives but the suspension design and performance is similar. It's too stiffly sprung for me and I'm a Clydesdale @ 230#.
    I have toyed with the idea of getting a nice rear shock for the bike so I could benefit from the 4" travel but cost/value ratio just doesn't make sense for me.

    Here is mine. I have the stock shock preload jacked to basically lock out the rear as described above. With a good air shock it'd be a much nicer ride but it'd probably be a $250+ endeavor and I cant justify that.

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    Bought one of these for my stepson this summer as a first mountain bike that could be upgraded as components broke. It has held up well and he likes the ride. My wife has also taken it out a few times and wants one of her own.

    Not the greatest bike going, but for the money, it's a solid, simple full suspension design. I've been riding my GIANT Warp full suspension with single pivot for 10 years and never hated the climbing any more than on my hardtail. Going up just sucks in general. I do notice that with rear suspension the back tire gets better traction on climbs and it is very rare for me to spin out on a climb which happens regularly on my hardtail if I don't have my weight just right.

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