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    529HT vs Fantom29 Trail

    Hey everyone. I'm looking to pick up my first beater hardtail MTB and I'm having trouble deciding between the 529HT and the Fantom Trail. Both go for $399 and have decent entry-level components. Which of the two would you recommend and why? What's the difference between the 529HT and the Fantoms?

    Is there anything you'd recommend upgrading right off the bat? I already have a nice lightweight set of platform pedals and I've heard the headsets should be upgraded.

    Lastly, is it possible to convert these to tubeless, or would I have to upgrade the wheels? If new wheels are needed then I might just up my budget and get something better.

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    I can see very little difference in those two bikes, honestly. Looks like the 529 has hydraulic brakes (not good ones, but hydraulic) where the Fantom may have mechanical brakes, but aside from that, pick the color you like best. Neither has tubeless-compatible wheels.

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