Hey guys,

I've been more of a lurker than a poster but I figured I'd make my thread debut in here .

A little about me:

I'm fairly new to mountain biking (been riding for about 3 months) and I'm leaning more towards "all mountain" riding, I suppose; basically just your average XC with more descents and rocks and all that lovely stuff. If anyone from the Bethlehem/Allentown area reads this, I ride mostly at Jordan Creek Park, and gravitate towards the downhill parts. I wouldn't go as far as to call it all "all mountain," but I like going down the hills I can and riding over rocks and roots. I'm a fairly large dude at 6' 3" 215 and love biking a little too aggressively for my skillset. I bought the bike as an into into biking since the price was right and I've been beating on it ever since. Perhaps the 500HT wasn't the best choice for how I ride, but being in college, it'll have to do. Due to necessity, I'm going 1x9 (busted the front derailleur), and want to get rid of the chintzy brake/shifter combo for a little better quality and another gear.

Anyway, to help keep myself alive, I picked up a Raidon fork to replace my XCT through the upgrade program (which is rad) and have some wider bars and a shorter stem coming in the mail. I am in the process of lengthening the travel of the fork to 120mm (100 stock) and I'm just wondering if it'll have an adverse effect on the handling. I got caught up thinking about a slacker head angle (1 degree for every 20-25mm I believe? So 70.5 to 69.5), but haven't thought about the other changes to geometry. Is the extra 20mm going to get squirrelly, or should it be fairly mild mannered? Figured I'd ask my Motobecane friends to see what they have to say!


And I don't care what they say; my Motobrcane makes me happy and out on the trails so it's a good thing in my book.