Hi guys, i got my Motobecane 550HT on the 13th and i wanted to do a review on it / have you guys reply with some reviews on it if you currently have it and have took the bike out on some long rides.

Well all i want to say about this bike is that the SR Suntour XCT V4 Fork is really plush and has a great feel to it when you go over really big rocks or go over a bump, and the Full SRAM X4 drivetrain that consists of SRAM X4 shifters, SRAM X4 front derailleur, and the SRAM X4 rear derailleur are absolutely phenomenal if they are adjusted correctly and if the chain is lubed up as well, next thing is the crankset, the SR Suntour XCT crankset is also outstanding and very sturdy, the Kenda tires are also great as they have above-decent grip for off-road use, and the last MOST IMPORTANT thing of THE WHOLE BIKE are the Tektro Draco hydraulic disc brakes, oh man...... What i can say about these Tektro Draco hydraulic disc brakes is that wow, they are absolutely phenomenal, they stop on a dime and also have great modulation and not only that but the best part about them is that they offer a great sleek design and are so sensitive that you can brake with just 1 finger, yes 1 finger braking, not 2 fingers, 1 finger braking.