Is the $300 more for 2012 worth it over 2010 model? Trail DS-
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    Is the $300 more for 2012 worth it over 2010 model? Trail DS

    Looking at these two:
    Save up to 60% off new Mountain Bikes - MTB - Motobecane Fantom Trail DS
    Save up to 60% off new Mountain Bikes - MTB - Motobecane 2010 Fantom Trail DS

    I'm having some difficulties because this is my first bike I'm buying for myself.
    Is the extra $300 worth it? what components are better and why?

    I notice the cheaper one has 120mm of travel while the $1000 one has 100mm. Does this really matter? I don't plan on going on any big drops.

    What makes hydraulic breaks better? and the SRAM parts better? Thanks

    And what about $100 more to this one?
    Mountain Bikes with Shimano DynaSys 30 speed - MTB - Motobecane 2011 Fantom Comp DS

    $1100 is probably too much for me, the $1000 is already pushing it a lot and the only reason I can afford it is i got lightly rear ended and am getting a $500 check for dmg i'm not going to repair.

    I'm leaning towards the $1000 one, but I don't know if I should really be blowing the extra $300 on it, or if i should be investing in another $100 on top of it.

    Thanks for all the help guys.

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    I decided to stop by here after the message last night on Reddit, and check out this forum. I'm BrewYet from reddit, Mountain Biking in South Alabama.

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    Honestly, I'd go for the 2010 model over the 2012 model, assuming you can get one available in your size. Mountain bike prices are going up because the US dollar is weaker, so what you will see with many manufacturers for the 2012 models, the prices are going up, while the quality is going DOWN. If. however, you can fork out the extra cash to get the 2011 Fantom Comp DS, I'd go for that over the other two models.

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    At your price point Id be looking rather hard at that hardtail with the xtr shifters and ders and revolution fork.

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    And by the way, you can get a really good deal on a mountain bike in January at the local bike store if you are willing to wait - this is when they start to clear out the previous year's models.

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