• 06-24-2013
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    Time to find out if there anything left of Goose customer service in the US
    My 09 Otero Pro now has a boo boo. I discovered a broken swing arm cross member when try to figure out why there was no lateral stiffness any more. Email has been sent to mongoose, lets hope there is still someone to read it.Attachment 810846.

    If there is no luck from Mongoose-Dorel-Pacific I might build the parts up on to a cheap hardtail frame. Any suggestions on a sub $100 hardtail.
  • 06-25-2013
    Re: Time to find out if there anything left of Goose customer service in the US
    I got a mongoose alta pro disc im getting rid of. That is if your sticking with goose.

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  • 06-30-2013
    My 2008 otero broke in the same place I brought it to a shop that sells cannondale and gt bikes they were able to warranty mine. If you have trouble contacting them try Facebook it seems to be the easiest way to contact them
  • 07-12-2013
    Mongoose got back to me after 2 weeks with the go through your dealer line and a reminder that the warranty is only 3 years on 2009 and later bikes. I am very hesitant to deal with Performance on this since the first tech I talked was dumb enough to insist that it could be glued back together. I now have the Email of an actual person hopefully my conversation will go a bit faster.

    Thanks brad for the Facebook suggestion
  • 07-18-2013
    What size frame do you have?

    I have a 2009 super frame that got half ass spray painted black before i inherited it. its in pieces in my attic. Its a size small. If you want it(chain stay) let me know. I will never use it.
  • 07-20-2013
    thanks mullen. I'm done with the mongoose run around. Min response time to any communication has been a week and that was to say they will not even deal with me I have to use a dealer.

    PM sent
  • 07-21-2013
    yet another perk of doing business with your LBS...
  • 07-21-2013
    If the dealer was close, I might have taken the bike there and dared them to glue it...
  • 07-22-2013
    I am also having trouble with their customer service. They have been pretty good in the past, but recently when trying to contact them there seems to be a disconnect in communication. I have been going through pivots on my teocali 07 like crazy, and recently needed a new kit because my frame is jiggling like no other due to loose/cracked pivots. Mongoose/Pacific Cycle is lagging, and it is a shame to dismantle a whole bike due to a frame malfunction.