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    Teocali rear suspension linkage

    FYI, It is a good idea to service your rear linkage bearings and bushings on the Teocali every so often (annually?). I had a rear bushing wear out in the linkage between the bottom bracket and rear triangle. The bushing was siezed to the bolt so I couldn't slide the bolt out. After a two days of pounding and lubing and pounding, etc. and trying everything possible, I finally took the sawzall and (carefully?) cut the bolt between the bottom bracket, linkage and washer. I only resorted to this step because Mongoose send me a replacement linkage kit as part of the frame warranty (from '05). The new linkage still fit like a dream.

    Again, this is FYI, but you might want to consider greasing these linkage bolts to ensure they do not seize to the bushings (or bushings to needle bearings) so they can be removed when needed. It will make everything easier in the end.

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    Glad you got everything to workout for you.

    Thanks for the heads up!

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    Same problem here with extracting the bolts. The appliance of a large copper head hammer eventually got it out but it was not fun.

    Here in the UK it would seem more like a quarterly job due to our damp conditions.

    I was dissappointed to find no weather seals whatsoever in the link.

    The bearings are coded HK1210 and it is a 12mm o/d 1mm wall chromed tube that runs through the centre.

    The kit for replacing worn bearings contains everything associated with the link but you can get the individual parts.

    Only took 5 weeks from the uk distributer !!!!!

    Codes for the parts shown on the invoice are :-

    WS00 - link body, need 1
    MTBMG11 ( or 1210) - Bearings, need 4
    MTBMG14 (or B341) - Bearing Axle, need 2
    MTBMG15 (or B366) - spacer ( plastic), need 4
    MTBMG16 (or B367) - Cover, need 4

    The bolts and countersunk Allen cap screws are not listed on my invoice but were included.

    Hope that helps.

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    Thought I'd throw this out there: Enduro makes a kit for the Teo. It doesn't come with hardware, though.


    My 06 had a knock and I finally found it was due to the bottom link bearings being shot. I'l be ordering this kit from Enduro shortly.

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