Schwinn S-25 with 7005 Aluminum frame ??-
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    Schwinn S-25 with 7005 Aluminum frame ??

    I'm new to this forum, and new to Mountain Biking.

    I found an older Schwinn S-25 for sale at a garage sale. It believe it has every thing except and rear hander.

    My question is, is this a good bike? It has the 7005 Alloy frame which I'm told is good.

    Is this bike worth putting any money or what?

    Thanks in advance!
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    I believe these were made of 6061 alloy see image below from another forum.

    Either way the bike looks pretty bad, doesn't look like the owner took good care of it. I wouldn't bother with it as you can't ever know for certain how the bike was treated. might just cost a lot more to get it running than you bargained. This is coming from somebody owns a newer S-25, which I bought at target for $249.00 brand new. You might also look here at the protocol 1.0 for $189.00.
    Schwinn Protocol 1.0 @ meijer
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    That the same bike. But mine has a 7005 decal on it.

    The chain is rusty but honestly for the $25 I spent on it. I think it might be worth fixing?

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    No, the bike isn't worth putting much money into.

    Also, do yourself a favor, and don't buy any suspension bike under $500. Way, way, way too many corners are cut on those to make the price point.

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    I owned one of these. and if you want, i have an X-fusion Glyde R rear shock i used for it, sized perfectly, and even has the proper spacers for that frame. I bought the bike thinking I would start casually riding trails. I had raced as a teenager, but my outdated even by the standards of the mid 90s bike was fully dead and not worth riding. So I saw this bike and the price was right, and i ignorantly bought it, rather than buying a better used hardtail. I upgraded the hell out of it after breaking a bunch of stuff, and then running through my supply of old spare parts from back in my racing days. I was carefull in trying to put money into parts i could use later, and most of them i was able to use on my current bike. I rode this bike for a few seasons, as i got more and more into riding again, and eventually ended up racing the thing in a few races. Here are the problems with that bike: the single pivot is a metal on metal bushing and is full of stiction, remove the rear shock and see how tough it is to move the swingarm? The suspension is not very active, but does experience plenty of pedal bob... beyond this, the fork is absolute garbage, and the rest of the parts are... well, not going to last.
    oh, and my frame was the 7005 aluminum.

    i replaced it with a 2008 mongoose khyber frame w/ Xfusion 02RLDC rear shock. and built up a nice bike from that. point being, if you want to put money into a bike, just buy a better bike to start from, that one is not worth it for serious riding.

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    I guess I am one of the loners here.... I have an older S-20, 2003 or 2005 year model, which started out at 40 lbs. I have owned this bike since it was new and I have upgraded parts as they wore out. I generally pickup good quality used parts off Craigslist or if you call Schwinn they will sell you upgraded parts at a fraction of what the bike shops sell them for for example I can get an RST Gila to replace my RST Omini for $ shop wants $139 but I am not going that route as when I upgrade I go better and lighter.

    In the 7+/- years I have gotten this bike down to a respectable 31 lbs for a FS by upgrading peace by peace as they wear out or brake. Here is what I have changed out so far.

    Stem, handlebars and headset - all new $100 and lost 3.6 lbs +/-
    Tires - Maxxis foldables = new for $40 each, lost 2 lb's between both.
    installed XTR rear drailleur - craigslist used for $30
    shimano XT front derailleur - craigslist used for $10
    shimano pod sifters - new $35
    brake arms - promax to tecktro - used - free
    seat post - stock steal to origin8 new - $20
    loose caged bearing bottom bracket - shimano sealed cartridge - new $35
    stock cranks - got free sram cranks with replaceable rings - free

    Next on my list of things to replace as money becomes available or needs replacing - I want some XT cranks, a set of SRAM x9 disk hubs then go to a hydro disk set.

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    My S-25 results

    Just wanted to post to this thread even tho it's aging in case someone else happens on a used S-25 and wants the info. Posters here have helped me alot.

    Bought my S-25 at Targete in 2003 b/c I thought I needed the FS, but eventually just changed to city/trail tires and never road on anything tougher than flat south Florida gravel roads.

    The bike is what would expect for the $150 it cost: suspension is only sidewalk adequate, but the entry level Shimano driveline components have worked flawlessly. The Alu frame (mine is badged 7005) has held up to my 240 # weiight and shows no signs of weathering as I keep it inside. I have appreciated the stainless spokes and the cheap but very good and maintainable VP alloy pedals.

    The bike is too small for me, really, but I like to ride it (after raising seat and stem with upgrades) as it accelerates like a bottle rocket and turns like a dune buggy. The cheapo rear shock will go all mushy with every strong pedal stroke, so anyone serious about riding hard will need to upgrade it and tightening the spring down doesn't do that much.

    Beyond that, I'm thoroughly happy with it. Around the time I bought it, a lady jock I worked with brought me some of her older copies of Bicycle magazine. In an issue from about 1998 I found a review of the bikeshop precursor to the S-25 (sorry, cannot remember the model name), with better components, selling for an MSRP of $700.

    It's older technology with real limitations, but a very good bike. I still see people trying to sell these on craigslist for $300, one of which is what got me googling on it today and led me here.

    keep ridin'
    Jim / so. fla.

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