• 06-25-2012
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    Mongoose mountain bike Experts Please Identify !
    im new to mountain bike riding. i bought this for $60 and cant find what model any where on the bike.

    the frame is all silver with the logo on front.

    Any info could help me know what i have thanks

    The bike rides nice
  • 07-01-2012
    looks like an old Giant, maybe a Turner? ... post it up here and see what others say: http://forums.mtbr.com/downhill-free...es-745226.html
  • 07-02-2012
    bad mechanic
    It's a Mongoose Blackcomb. Sorry, but it's a cheap department store bike.

  • 07-02-2012
    my bad, i should have known the quality by the swing arm.. fook,i'm getting to old for this shat