This is my mongoose project I just finished working on. It was a dumpster find that I refurbished a few years ago to use as a shuttle bike to get back to my truck on solo kayak runs. But a month ago I got to looking at all the spare parts I had laying around and decided to do a complete build up to get rid of all the heavy steel parts and plus itís just fun to work on bikes. The front forks are the cheap China forks off of eBay. Not great but a huge upgrade from stock. The wheels were $75 eBay find also. Tubeless ready so that was a plus. New aluminum seat post and bars and stem were new takeoffs from another bike. 1x11 SLX components and 180mm hydraulic brakes. Nothing to prove and couldnít get anything for the bike if I wanted to sell it. Itís still my shuttle bike for kayaking but it was a fun project

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