i have a mongoose dx 3.3 mountain bike and need the crank arm bearings and their is no dealer around anymore were can i get parts for my bike is their anybody sells parts online? also does anybody know if this is a good bike or is it junk . i bought the bike new from a dealer in chattanooga tn. back in 1998. i havent rode the bike much because my g/f back then was overweight and she did not want to ride. now i am married and my wife is cool and wants to ride and i was wondering if it is worth fixing. or should i just go and buy a new and better bike. the only thing i would like to change on the bike is the front fork and i would like to install a shock forks on the front.. by the way it is a hard tail and i dont ride in really bad trails yet but that will probably change some time in the near future when i have the funds thanks any help would be appreciated