Is Mongoose Back?

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  • 06-25-2013
    Is Mongoose Back?
    Am I mistaken, or is Mongoose re-entering the US market?

    It appears that bikes can be purchased directly from them via their website.

    I have also seen some recent product updates on other MTB oriented websites.

    Mongoose | MTB Bikes, Mountain Bikes
  • 08-18-2013
    That teacali looks pretty crazy. Anyone know how it rides?
  • 08-21-2013
    They may be back, Just don't try to contact them, I've tried phone , email, and their facebook no response in 3 weeks
  • 08-23-2013

    Originally Posted by singletrackmack View Post
    That teacali looks pretty crazy. Anyone know how it rides?

    From my understading, it is pretty close to GT's iDrive (They were owned by the same company at one point).

    Looks to be a pretty durable bike. Check out this video of Amir Kabbani riding the crap out of a Teocali.

    Short film: In The Woods 2 - Video | Red Bull Bike
  • 08-30-2013
    It basically is GT iDrive.

    Dorel Industries still owns Mongoose, GT, Schwinn, Iron Horse and they now own Cannondale.

    Dorel has the companies split into two markets. High-End and Mass Market.

    High-End is Cannondale and GT (with some Mongoose models). Mass market is Schwinn, Iron Horse, and Mongoose. The mass market bikes are built in Taiwan/China by Pacific Cycles. The high-end bikes are built in Taiwan *except some Cannondale stuff AFAIK.

    Mongoose is back in the US for direct sales only.