Making my 2013 XR200 better-
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    Making my 2013 XR200 better

    Just a few things ill be doing to improve the overall model..No plans to do anything hardcore with this but should be a great reliable light duty trail bike with some upgrades.

    For what it might be worth MTBR published a review on this particular model.
    Bike Review: $199 Mongoose XR200 Full Suspension | Mountain Bike Review

    The stock bike

    Here's the list of planned upgrades:

    Stock headset (it is a 1-1/8" sealed cartridge bearing set up from maybe Aheadset)
    SR Suntour XCT V4 with pre-load adjustment and lock out (for now)
    Rear shock: Manitou QL- series with Lock out.
    SkyComp alloy Stem (installed)
    SKyComp Alloy handlebars (installed)
    SkyComp Alloy seat post
    Saddle: Vader
    Seat post clamp: Stock Mongoose alloy
    WTB grips.
    Crank: Undecided
    Pedals: Stock Mongoose alloy
    Wheels:Weinmann DA-18 double wall rims with Formula alloy hubs
    Stock Quando QR skewers
    tires: stock
    Brakes: Undecided
    shifters: Undecided
    front derailleur: Undecided
    rear derailleur: Undecided
    chainL KMC X8.99

    Nothing fancy or costly but all upgrades for improved performance and reliability in general...Should be a fun light duty trail ride.

    Some of the parts upgrades for this project will be donated "take offs" from a 2014 motobecane 550HT...minus the rear shock and some custom bushings/bearings..The stock mongoose pedals,seat post clamp as well as the QR skewers and tires will be re-used.

    So to start out i have a new Manitou QL series air shock with a lock out to replace the pogo stick rear shock but found the stock shock is only 6 inches eye to eye and the air shock is a 6.5" eye to to keep from changing any geometry on the rear swing arm ill be drilling a new mounting hole forward of where it mounts stock on the front...I will also have to trim down the existing spacers to make the shock fit properly..They are steel spacers but i may try to find some aluminum ones to replace them..At a claimed 37lbs for the bike I need all the help I can get with this project weight wise...My goal will be 33 to 34 lbs.

    All the suspension pivot points will be getting either custom Oil-lite bushings or bearings to replace the plastic bushings.. This should be stronger and more reliable.

    Ive already replaced the heavy steel handle bars and stem using what come off the motobecane and those are SkyComp alloy pieces..I weighed the stock stem and bars including all the mounting bolts and grips; as well as the skycomp set up in the same manner.

    Stock steel bars,stem,bolts,and grips (745 grams)

    SkyComp bars,stem,bolts,and WTB grips (572 grams)

    SkyComp stem and bars installed..Weight loss was 173grams
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    Decided to get a weight on the stock steel seat post and saddle..Yikes

    851 Grams

    The SkyComp alloy post and Vader seat at 670 grams

    So far a weight loss in total of 354 grams. (0.78) or just over 3/4 of a pound.

    So this should now put the bike at 36.23 lbs ...its a

    Ill get a difference in weight from the stock shock vs the air shock when I can get around to taking it apart.
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    I got a weight on the kickstand minus the mounting bolt..couldn't find it...took it off a while back..But I got 361 grams from now we have a total of 715g of weight loss so far or 1.65lbs..Ill get the weight of the reflectors on the wheels and the front /back they come with..should be a good 100g or so.

    So if the review was correct that it weighed 37lbs then this puts it roughly at 35.35lbs. with the small changes so far.

    Could this end up being a 29-30lb bike?...stay tuned to find out.
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    A small update...I managed to pick up some parts that may find their way to the build..So the parts list may be changing a bit

    Alex FD24 rims with formula hubs
    Kenda Excavator Tires
    Mongoose Tecaoli Stem (31.8/90mm)
    Mongoose Tecaoli pedals
    FSA Alpha drive Crank with an Isis BB
    Shimano Deore shifter set (9spd)
    Shimano Deore front derailleur
    Shimano SLX shadow rear derailleur (9spd)
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    On your rear shock, check the travel. I have a BD bike that uses a 6" shock, but I tried a 6.5" shock and it worked OK. If you're going from an 80mm travel fork to a 100mm travel fork, and your "newer" rear shock is 6.5" x 1.5" travel vs. the stock 6" x 1" travel, you will probably be OK leaving the mounting holes alone.

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