Hello all,
I just got a free bike from a friend who is moving. It's a Mongoose according to the badge on the front---all of the decals were removed. I'm pretty sure it's a Wal-Mart bike. It has full suspension; POS Ballistic forks (no valving, WTF???) and a DNM Fireball shock (dv-6). The frame is brushed aluminum and the swingarm is bright blue. The components are Shimano Acera. It has Kenda tires with red stripes and black rims. I researched for a long while last night trying to find out what this thing is and I had no luck. It LOOKS like a tough bike, very heavy though. I have an old Trek 830, but I've beat it up pretty bad. I'm thinking of making this a budget beast using ebay to get decent forks, shocks, and components. But I need to find out what it is first!!
Sorry I don't have any pictures right now!!!