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    Caution;  Merge;  Workers Ahead! Hello everyone, a free bike, ehh? Hmm

    Hello everyone I am new to the forums and was certainly an avid bike years ago. I switched to blading as a teen but I always regretted it because it just isn't as conventional and easy around town as a bike, plus I couldn't go into the mountains.

    Anyway, I have been given a Mongoose DXR AL 21 speed 26" wheel mens MTN bike. I am pretty sure it is just a walmart mongoose stock. But I don't know for sure, I have pictures so give me your best shot. Also, the brakes are not that great and the suspension ...doesn't suspend anymore, well its shot too. As far as I know someone got their use out of it and ditched it at my dads business when they took the bus out of town I guess. -shrugs-

    The only thing I have added is a new gel seat, pedals because the previous were busted up/falling off, and a gel filled front tire because the last one was flat. I know about the recall on the 20" wheeled mongoose DXR AL but this is the 26" (and still aluminum, or so it says on the frame), none the less that doesn't make me any more confident about taking it out anywhere, it looks ridable anyway.

    Sorry for some blurry pics.

    Basically (sorry if it was hard to assume what I wanted) I was wondering if this bike was going to be fine for any type of trails or AM. I haven't been biking in a long time because after I got out of blading I went into computers and you should know what that means. I've been sitting around for awhile. So obviously I will just need to practice around town, but is this even good for that? I don't really care for aluminum.
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