found my new mechanic

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  • 05-14-2010
    found my new mechanic
    i went to one of the two local bike shops here in Lompoc, Ca to buy some clipless pedals for the homegrown. shortly after telling him what i'm rolling around on and out of sheer curiosity i asked the owner if he was once a schwinn,.. (thankfully no one else was in the shop) his humorous anger vulgar language busted out!! with out getting into any details.....He was for sure a true 19XX-2001 Schwinn lover!! He was excited to hear i shared the same passion and wants to see my straight8 & homegrown and said he would help me out any way he could with repairs, and parts.

    it's a very very small bike shop and i think if anyone else was in the there at the time he wouldn't have said a, like a father venting to his son.
  • 05-16-2010
    See if he has a stash of parts! :) Sounds like you found your guy.
  • 05-17-2010
    Yep, I was gonna say, keep on his good side, I bet he's got some nice NOS stuff around!