• 05-16-2010
    Banger Bearing Tool on Ebay
    If you have a bike that uses bearings the size of the 4-Bangers (6001 and 6008, I believe), or of course a 4-Banger, the bearing tools that are back on Ebay are great to have. If you already have a bearing press kit, then you're fine, but if you don't, this thing is unbeatable for $20. The only thing I found is that I had to cut the bolt that comes with it to do the lower swing arm bearings, and then find another long one to have for later use. But seriously, that was a great $20 spent.

    I'm not associated with the seller in any way, I'm just pointing it out as a very useful tool that would cost more than $20 to make.
  • 05-17-2010
    I got outbid on one, although I only bid $5.