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    4 banger fork advice

    Hi everyone,

    been digging around for a while now trying to decide on a fork that would pair well with my Sid Dual Air rear shock on my 4 banger. Needless to say, I'm still undecided and could use some advice. I've been looking at older dual air sid forks from the same era as the rear shock but based on reviews, they tend to get flexy at a certain weight point and on more intense trails. Anyone care to share their setups or give some advice on a fork that would suit the suspension design of this bike? I've yet to ride the thing, had a nightmare in shipping that destroyed the drive side dropout but finally found a replacement. Thanks in advance for any advice!


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    Judging from the age of this post, you may have moved on. I wouldn't blame you if you did. Not much love any more for the Lawwill crowd. I have two 4Bs, both with Fox forks. One is a Float 32, 120mm RL and the other is a Float 32, 140mm RL. They work really well, are easily maintained by me and pair up well with the Fox rear shock. I think the best rear shock for the Lawwill suspension is the Fox Vanilla R that came on the Straight 6. You can fit them to any Schwinn Lawwill full suspension bike. I have built 2 "frankenshocks" by combining the 2" shaft from the Vanilla R with the upper body from a Vanilla RC. I am not a fan of any of the air shocks (forks or rear) that came with the 4Bs. All the air shocks I have ever used seem to leak earlier in their life than I can tolerate. I am glad to hear that you got past the shipping debacle and got your 4B running again. Search FB for Schwinn Homegrown. There are lots of folks there who can help you with parts/maintenance issues if you have any.

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    I'm shifting my attention to Risse racing for all my future fork needs. Smaller company, more personal then the big names and they still make rear shocks for the 4B.... Or DVO
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    Thanks for the help everyone. I'm really trying to stick with some air suspension for adjustability. I'm thinking I'm just going to go with a Reba or an older Sid if I can find one to my liking. I wish I could get a monarch on the thing but I can't think of a way to mount it without using the shock body as a brace. If I ever figure this out I'll report back.

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