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    2007 Teocali Comp, should I be concerned...

    So, I bought my bike a couple of years ago at Performance. It was in the market for a good XC/All mountain bike and came across this bike that was marked down. I was pretty new to mountain bike jargon, but I new enough to look for certain things. I started inspecting the bike and it seemed nice. I soon noticed that the hubs, front and rear drs, crankset, shifters hyd disc brakes where all Shimano XT. I also noticed that it had a Recon Race front fork and some nicer looking Easton bars and stem. The next thing I noticed was the price $1399, which seemed pretty decent with all the nice components. The manager told me that this bike was built from a better bike that had frame damage during shipping and they needed to get rid of it. When it was all said and done I only paid 1000 bucks out the door for the bike.

    I rode it several times and was pretty impressed, but now that I have learned a lot more I have some concerns.

    I am seeing bikes with a lot of cracked frames. Is this really common and should I be concerned every time I hit a bump?

    As far as I can tell the Recon Race only came in 100mm and according to information on the net this bike was setup for 140mm suspension. If this is true how bad is this throwing off my geometry and should I be looking for a new fork?

    Lastly, will this frame handle the abuse of a 220lb rider on rough terrain or should I take all my nice parts and put them on a better bike? I really like the bike but I dont want to tear it up. I would rather make a light duty/back up bike out of it than just break it.

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    "The manager told me that this bike was built from a better bike that had frame"...."As far as I can tell the Recon Race only came in 100mm and according to information on the net this bike was setup for 140mm suspension"

    If these two things are true, I would be pissed and talking to a lawyer, but that's just me.

    Smaller length fork will lower your BB and change your HA. Lowering the BB height you'll probably feel that one, especially at 220, by smacking your crank arms and/or your pedals on small bumps on the trail while you pedal.

    I wouldn't worry about the the comp being able to handle your weight.

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    Teocalis are very nice bikes. However, you should be wary, as Teocalis older than the 2008 models have had a reputation of pivot problems and front triangle breakages. This seems to be from inconsistent manufacturing though, so if you got a good frame it will definitely stand up to your weight, but if you got a lemon, it may fail. There is no way of knowing you got a faulty frame though. 2008 and newer Teocalis got a redesigned frame that seems to hold up much better than the earlier ones. I know from experience, I got rear ended with my old 2008 Teocali on the rack. The frame was perfectly fine, and the only damaged parts were the wheels.

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    I had a 2007 Teocali with a rockshox pike on there, a 140mm fork. If that recon race is indeed 100mm, that will steepen up you HA a couple degrees and lower the BB as ^Uly said. That seems like a problem.

    The actual frame is fine. I rallied mine, rode it on all kinds of stuff up to 8-10ft drops...with transitions. If you are decently smooth, the bike will be fine. If you're dropping loading docks or riding like a hack you may have problems.

    That fork A2C could pose a problem. Have you measured the A2C? Or measured the length of the exposed stancion? I would figure out if your fork is too short before making a big deal out of it. If it is too short though, take it to the performance you bought it from, and if you complain enough the will hook you up.

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    yeh sounds like you got shafted on the fork mate. Could've been wise to spend a half hour on the internet to look at such things before you agreed to spend 1,000 bucks. Hate to hear of anyone being ripped off like that,...but could have been avoided with a little homework.

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