Here's a little conversion I did on a 2001 Schwinn Rocket 88 Disc that was sort of just sitting around the garage collecting dust ( I bought it for my GF a few years ago, but she's not into MTBing as much as road riding).

So I figured why not convert it and see how hit feels. So I took off the Zoke fork that was on it and the 26" wheel and threw on a Reba Race at 80mm and the front wheel from my On One Inbred 29er to see how it would feel in 69er mode. First impressions are positive.

I took it for a brief ride last night and it handled just fine. It felt pretty balanced with 3" of travel in front and 3.5" in back and it definitely didn't feel too slacked out on some short steep climbs locally. Overall I like it in this mode better than dual 26" mode where it was too XC race-like for my tastes and the way I ride. I think my GF will feel more confident and stable on it as well, if and when, she goes for another MTB ride with me.

I screwed up the front shifting while messing around with it the other day so I'll need to get that straightened out (can't get her into the big ring) soon and she'll be ready to rip for a full out ride.

Now I guess I need to find another front disc 29er wheel so that I have wheels for this bike and the Inbred!

Let me know what you think of it. I aplogize in advance for the crappy photo quality - I'm having some issues with my Canon Powershot A70 - I think it has taken too much of a beating from taking it on a lot of rides (or perhaps the user just sucks at taking photos).