Myself and a small team at work are working towards helping out a local shop in town that gives back to the community in a great way and we need your help.

Are you planning on a bike upgrade this year?
Are you looking to get rid of that old bike in your garage?
Donít sell them or throw them away!

Full Cycle is a bike shop in Minneapolis that helps homeless youth by giving them free bikes to fix up and ride. Full Cycle also sells quality used bikes and provides expert bike servicing to fund programs that help homeless youth.
We met the team at Full Cycle last week and were very impressed with their program and their desire to help homeless youth. Not only do they provide bikes for them, but they offer internships at the shop to learn how to wrench on the bikes, how a business works and show them what helping others is like. It's really a great program and the staff there are a real dedicated bunch.

We need your help. Please consider donating old bikes/parts so that Full Cycle can implement your parts into their program and you can help save a youth. Full Cycle is also on the verge of opening a section of their floor to used bike sales to help fund their endeavor. If you feel like donating cash in addition or instead of, I can get details on that for you.

Get in touch with me if you think you have something that could make a difference in a homeless child's life.

Thank you.