• 06-10-2014
    WORS Single Speed Gearing Question
    Hey guys and girls,

    going to be moving to Wisconsin and wanted to know what kind of gearing your guys are running in the Midwest.

    ill be coming from AZ and were all on 29ers running between 32-18 and 32-20 mostly but I can't imagine that being a great choice...

  • 06-10-2014
    I run 32-20 on a 29+ it works for me
  • 06-28-2014
    depends on the course if you want to really have your set-up dialed.

    on my 29 i used a 34t ring and rode anything from a 16 - 20 with all cogs in between.

    for the wide fast venues like nine mile, i'd use a 16 or 17 - the 2:1 is your "fast gear" for WORS / WEMS. the 16 was for chequamie. if the course was more ski-hill style, i'd probably end up on a 19.
  • 07-22-2014
    i ran 32-18 on my single speedpretty much everywhere , althought im a strong climber, if your not strong id advise 32-22 or 32-20
  • 08-25-2014
    My advice. Don't listen to any gearing recommendations coming from someone with a screen name which consists of any variation of "Ronsta".