Winona mid April

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  • 04-06-2015
    Winona mid April
    Howdy, I'll be in Winona area in a couple weeks and am wondering what the possibilities are. If anyone could recommend a shop for a rental as well, that would be great.
    I enjoy just about all types of trails. I tend to keep my tires within one foot or so of the ground, so big gaps aren't a go. Big climbs followed by long downhill runs are always nice. I'm a picture taker so scenery/views are a plus.

    All this assuming anything is even rideable there this time of year. I'm coming from California so I have no idea. I found a couple maps with some loops by the river but appreciate any info on "must do" or "stay away from" trails. Thanks
  • 04-06-2015
    Going to be hard to say for sure with the wet, cool weather and some rain in the forecast. I'm in the cities and we're shut down right now due to rain but Winona, hard to say. Check out this page for more info:

    Southern Minnesota Trails

    You might try asking there for more specific info. Sorry, best I can do for you.
  • 04-07-2015
    April in MN with mountain biking is always a crap shoot. We close our trails for rain or freeze/thaw cycles and April tends to have both.

    Here are the Winona area trails: Holzinger Lap Mountain Bike Trail, Winona, MN

    If you have access to a car, you might want to look and crossing the river to Hodagastan (Wisconsin) and riding the Human Powered Trail loops in La Crosse.

    Here are those trails:
    HPT locals loop Mountain Bike Trail, La Crosse, WI

    If you have a car and whole day to go riding, if I was you, I would head up to Lebanon Hills and on the way there/back hit the trails in Red Wing.

    Lebanon Hills:
    Lebanon Hills - Beginner and Intermediate Mountain Bike Trail, Eagan, MN

    Red Wing:
    Memorial Park Mountain Bike Trail, Red Wing, MN

    The big boys of MN (Duluth, Cuyuna) probably won't be open till late April, so those are off the list. Maybe next time.
  • 04-08-2015
    Dan K. Farmer
    Levis mound is only a little over an hour drive from Winona and it's fully open and dry right now. The holzinger lodge trails are fun right in Winona as are the human powered trails in Lacrosse as mentioned. No ideas on rentals but there is a bike shop in Winona that can probably help you out.