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    went to rays this weekend....

    It was an absolute blast!

    I used to ride BMX till I went to college, but never went to a bike park or anything with real jumps etc before so this was quite the experience

    I took my camber 29er primarily planning to ride the XC loop till I passed out, which I certainly achieved in just over 2 hours

    it's a little tight in spots on a bike that big, a few lines that I wanted to ride but couldn't quite turn into properly, and in general everything there seems bigger in person, I chickened out on a few of the sport lines and didn't even touch the expert section

    this just means there's more to do next time right?

    I'll be taking the old iguana 26" there next time for sure

    what is everyone else riding at places like this? (obviously dirt jumpers excel here but I'm curious what others are riding)

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    How busy was Ray's on the weekend? Can you get your flow on without running to too many people?

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    it wasn't too bad, we got there as soon as they opened on a saturday morning and pretty much had free roam of everything for over an hour

    after that there were a few kids on the XC loop that couldn't make a few of the climbs or stopped abruptly when facing a drop or downhill section, kind of annoying...

    I think the XC loop gets crowded just because the "green line" is the "easy route" to get from one place to another in addition to a nice place to just kindof get a fun cardio workout

    the rest of the park, skills areas etc were flowing pretty well, but I can't vouch for the afternoon traffic, we left for lunch after riding for 3 hours with the intention of coming back for a bit and damn near fell asleep at red robin so we headed home :P

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    We're season members and typically are there on weekends. As mentioned, mornings best, gets more crowded as day progresses. I personally hate being there Sundays after 4pm. There's reduced admission for BMX night. Nothing against BMX, my kiddo rides (and I strongly encourage him), but there are many, many more kids due to the reduced admission I suspect. Many just don't pay very good attention to others, and there's lots of dodging them on the green loop, inappropraite stopping, cuttng people off, etc. Just kids being clueless, which is fine. I just prefer to avoid.

    As to what we ride there. Hubby & I pretty much stick to the XC course and the beginner/sports skill areas,. Ride a 29er HT. Kiddo has both his BMX and a 29er there. He does everything. FRom the XC loops, to all the jumps, sports/expert skill, pump track (either bike, rocks it for a 29er) and could spend hours and hours in the foam pit area w/ the BMX.
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