I recently joined up on the street team for an awesome event called the Urban Assault Ride (www.urbanassaultride.com). Part of me being on the street team is to make people aware of the event and help convince you and a friend to sign up. This is one of the coolest events around, a party on a bike basically. Check it out:

  • It is great to do with kids, sig others, or friends
  • Any bike will do just fine
  • It's more about having fun than going fast
  • Huge after party with lots of New Belgium beer
  • The obstacles are a blast - think tricycles and obstacle courses..
  • You will laugh so hard your stomach hurts

And it is also a green event with a focus on sustainability
  • It's a fun and non-threatening way to learn your way around town so you can commute or run errands on your bike
  • You'll see how much easier it can be to grab your bike lock rather than your car keys

This year there are 10 cities hosting the UAR, so there's bound to be one near you. So grab a friend and get ready for a heckuva good time on your bike.

Tucson: April 19
Nashville: April 26
Seattle: May 17
Portland: May 31
Austin: June 28
Fort Collins: July 19
Denver: July 26
St. Louis: August 16
Chicago: September 20
Minneapolis: September 27


How far is it? Ranges between 25 and 35 miles - depending on how well you know town. The family ride for kids 7-12 is about 15 miles.
How long does it take? Most riders finish in 2 to 3 hours
What does it take to be successful? Go to the website and download the checkpoints. You can plan your route before the ride. Do your homework
Who can do it? Anyone 7 and older
What kind of bike should I ride? Doesn't matter. Mountain, road, cruiser, tandem, tag along with your kid on it!

I know some of you have done this before. If so, speak up, let everyone know what your experience was like. Show us some pics.

When you register, please write in my name - Adam Emanoff - so they know that I'm doing my job - thanks!!