Trail news for SW WI/NE IA/SE MN riders-
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    Trail news for SW WI/NE IA/SE MN riders

    I've been holding off on this for a bit, just waiting for things to solidfy. I think now is the time to let the cat really out of the bag. For those familiar with the section of the state/this region, you know its hilly, and sparsely populated. You'd think there would be great mountain biking here. And there is, just not enough of it! Our options here are just about to get a little bit richer.

    Last summer, we had some pretty devastating storms roll through. Torrential rains amounting to over 12" in under 24 hrs in some spots. With our steep terrain, hillsides just didn't hold up. Wyalusing State Park was hit pretty hard. Most of their trails were washed away. They could have taken this and simply 'repaired' what was there and went on with life. Thankfully they're not. The State parks and the DNR are taking this opportunity and completely redesigning the entire system there. I've been talking with the park super, and his boss at the state level. We all want to create something destination worthy. Frankly, it'd help me, as I own a shop very near to the park. And a park is there to bring visitors in after all, right? So it of course helps their numbers out.

    I was supposed to meet with them today, but the meeting was postponed. Bummer, I know, but postponed for a good reason. They're bringing in Mike Ritter to help with the design phase, and Brigit Brown to help with promotion and persnickity details. I'll be there as the local liason and the guy that will be there to help with maintenance/construction.

    And this is just ONE tasty tidbit. I've got another bite, on an additional 630 acres not too far away from Wyalusing. Private land that would like more users, specifically hikers and mtber's to be on the land, using the trails. And building more.


    now where did the time go....
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    Good news

    Thanks for sharing.

    I saw some evidence that the state of Wisconsin was forming a trail construction crew last summer. Don't know if it actually came together or not, but it sounds like Wyalusing would be a good place for them to start.

    The guys at LaCrosse are getting serious too. I heard they scored a big grant and will be putting together a big trail system.

    We have 2 trail projects going in my area. I will be walking the flagged route for a new loop at Blue Mound with the park manager this weekend. I'm hoping to start construction late this spring. Cam-Rock has all permissions in place and has started construction on their new loop.

    Some interesting times ahead for southern Wisconsin.


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    Yeah, I heard about the LaCrosse grant too. Something like 300+ more acres for them to play with. Should be awesome up there.

    Viroqua is having some great stuff happen there too. Sidie Hollow has roughly 3 miles of sweet, fun trail now, with lots more planned for in the future. They also have two other large county tracts of land to build trails on too.

    My contact with the state is saying that I really don't have to worry about building a volunteer force for the trails at the park. He mentioned the trail building team the DNR was building. This bodes well for us here!

    Its about time this part of the state started getting some trail attention. I'll have to make it over to Blue Mounds a time or two this season. Nater's a good friend, so we've got both a place to stay and a tour guide.
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